Alliance International Hockey Club


About us

Alliance International Hockey Club is a hockey club with members from 32 countries.

We have an unique position in the international hockey world, since we are a non-national member of the World Grand Master Association (WGMA).

The WGMA is the body recognised by the International Hockey Federation FIH to promote hockey for persons of 60 years and older.

The WGMA for that purpose organizes all over the world Grand Master tournaments, like World Cups, European Cups, Asian Cups, etc.

In those tournaments Alliance teams compete in categories 60+ (Grand Masters), 65+ (Great Grand Masters), 70+ (Senior Grand Masters) and 75+ (Vintage Grand Masters).  

Our history

In 2002, when the first Grand Masters World Cup was played in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) several persons wanted to play, but were unable to get together a full team of their own country. The foremost of these was Mr. Johan Herbert from Belgium. Together with several others he formed a team under the name "Alliance", comprising players of different nationalities and thus was able to successfully take part in the Kuala Lumpur tournament.

All members of that team were very enthusiastic about being able to play at an international level and it was decided that Alliance International Hockey Club would become a formal club and also the only multinational member of WGMA, with Mr. Johan Herbert as its first president.

Today the club has about 326 members from 32 countries.

Our commitment

Alliance International Hockey Club is committed to provide the opportunity for playing and enjoying the game of hockey throughout the world by those who are not less than sixty years old.

"life-long international hockey for 60+"

In this way we guarantee the possibility for persons of 60 years or older to play hockey in an international setting.

We take part in all the tournaments organised by WGMA, such as World Cups, Asian Cups and European Cups, with teams in all relevant categories  with mens teams 60+, 65+, 70+ and 75+ and womens teams 60+ and 65+.

But we are invited and participate also in tournaments organised by others all over the world. 

We welcome new members from any country. 

Our Statutes and Privacy Protocol

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