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We welcome Philip Vandergucht and Noelle Duncan as members of the Executive Committee

International Tournament Wellingborough postponed to 20-21-22 August 2021


International Super Veterans Tournament Tilburg 2021 also cancelled


World Cups 2021 in Nottingham, Cape Town and Tokyo cancelled.

Sadly it has just been announced by WMH that they are cancelling the 2021 World Cup Tournaments, which were to have been held in Nottingham, Cape Town and Tokyo. This is as a result of continuing uncertainty regarding the viability of these tournaments due to the COVID Pandemic.

WMH’s intention is to run World Cups in 2022 and will be offering these events to the hosts of the cancelled World Cups. It is hoped that venues and dates will be announced in January 2021.

Certain Alliance members have already paid entry fees etc. for the South African tournaments and these will be refunded in due course.

Whilst this news is very disappointing, it is understandable.

We expect that there will be opportunities in 2021to play in local or regional tournaments. The various non-World Cup tournaments that Alliance have been invited to, such as Tilburg and Bra, are shown on our website and let us hope that these will remain unaffected. We will keep all members informed of developments


  Wim van Noortwijk passed away 28-11-2020

In Memoriam

Wim van Noortwijk 01/12/1941 - 28/11/2020

It is with great sadness that we heard of the death of Wim today. He had been fighting cancer for quite some time but remained totally involved in Grand Masters hockey until the very last.

Wim’s contribution to Grand Masters hockey cannot be understated. For many years he served as Vice President of WGMA until he took over the reins as President in 2014, when Peter Child stepped down. Subsequently he had been heavily involved in the process of merging the interests of IMHA and WGMA, which culminated in the founding of WMH.

Wim’s primary interest to the last was to preserve the ethos of Grand Masters hockey, striking a balance between competitiveness on the field and social interaction off the field, both of which are important elements of our sport.

Wim was a member of Alliance and played for us on a number of occasions. He was always very supportive of Alliance as well as being a great advocate of the Tournament Trophy as an integral part the GM World Cups and European Championships.

Wim recently passed on the Presidency of WGMA to John Wilmott, who is a member of the Alliance Executive Committee. We feel confident that the WGMA board under John’s leadership, will continue to foster and promote Grand Masters hockey in the same manner and spirit that Wim brought with him to our sport.

All of us at Alliance owe Wim a great debt and pass on our sincere condolences to his family.

Other News 2020

Our Excomm member 'International Development' John Willmott now named as 3rd President of WGMA, succeeding Wim van Noortwijk. Read WGMA announcement:WGMA President.pdf.
Read also the WGMA Mission Statement:
WGMA Mission Statement.pdf

Newsletters about upcoming events:

WMH Events Committee : Events Committee newsletter August 2020.pdf
Masters World Cup Indoor Philadelphia USA, March 2022 : MIWC 2022 update (August 2020).pdf
Masters World Cup Nottingham (O-35, O-40) : Masters Newsletter 04 Nottingham - August 2020.pdf
Masters World Cup Tokyo (men O-60, O65, O70, O-75) :Tokyo Newsletter 4_August 2020.pdf
Masters Word Cup Cape Town (men O-50, O-55, women O-55, O-60, O-65) : Cape Town Hockey Newsletter Three August 2020.pdf

New dates World Cup Tokyo: 7-17 November 2021 published.

WMH Ongoing Cycle of Events 2021 – 2025

WMH has just published a revised event cycle for masters hockey worldwide for the next few years, necessitated by the disruption caused by Covid-19. It is their wish to get back to World Cup tournaments on even years as has always been the case i.e. 2016, 2018, 2020 etc. With the postponement of the 2020 World Cup to 2021, it has been decided that the European and Asian Cups in 2021 should be abandoned and that these regional events should resume again in 2023. This will allow the 2022 World Cup to take place as previously scheduled and thereafter the World Cup and European/Asian/other regional tournaments will alternate on even and odd years as before.

WMH Ongoing Cycle of Events 2021 – 2025


Level 1


Level 2


World Cup (Outdoor) 2020



World Cup (Outdoor)
World Cup (Indoor)



European Cup, Asian Cup, Pan American Cup, Trans Tasman


World Cup (Outdoor)
World Cup (Indoor)



European Cup, Asian Cup, Pan American Cup, Trans Tasman

Tournament Bra in Italy also postponed to 2021 !!

World Cup Cape Town and World CupTokyo both postponed to 2021 !!

See also statement of World Masters Hockey : statement WHM regarding World Cups.pdf

Tournament ISVT Tilburg andTournament Eburons Brussels and Tournament Wellingborough cancelled !!

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News 2019

The 5th Newsletter 2019-4 in online, Click on the Newsletter download button below.

Our (EXCO) member John Wilmott has been just been appointed as Chair for The Hockey Museum. He would be delighted to invite you and any other Alliance members to visit the Museum whenever you are over here. It is fascinating as it is a very diverse collection and now has official Museum status. Any old hockey memorabilia will be gratefully received.  See the website for additional information.

The Hockey Museum (THM) was launched at the end of 2011 and the aim of this new organisation is to preserve, share and celebrate the rich heritage and history of the sport of hockey, not only in Britain where the modern game started, but also from all round the world.
Address: The Hockey Museum, 13 High Street Woking, Surrey GU21 6BL United Kingdom

The Hockey Museum (THM) is open to visitors every Tuesday and Wednesday between 10.00am and 4.00pm, excluding the third week of December. The Museum is not currently open at weekends. To arrange a visit to THM outside of these official hours, please email the Curator Mike Smith using the contact form which can be found on the website or phone 07718 385804 prior to visiting.

Get here more information where you can stay in upcoming tournaments

Hotel Info Tournament Bra. Click here: Hotel list Bra.pdf

  Newsletter World Cup 2020 in Tokyo, Japan: Click here: World Cup Tokyo news letter2019-06-21.pdf

Hotel info World Cup Tokyo. Click here: Tokyo World Cup accommodation information.pdf and Tokyo World Cup Hotel Recommendation.pdf
Learn more about Tokyo. Take a look at the Postcard. Click here: Postcard from Tokyo.pdf

Cape Town
Newsletter WHM World Cup 2020 Cape Town click here: Cape Town WHM World Cup 2020 Newsletter 1.pdf
Hotel Info World Cup Cape Town. Click here:  Cape Town WMH World Cup 2020 Accommodation information.pdf

Older Messages   


JOHN SCOTT R.I.P. 19.03.1950 – 8.11.2016

Greetings all,

It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you of the passing yesterday of JOHN SCOTT.

Scotty was playing in a hockey match at Riverside in Durban last night, when he appeared to have a heart attack. It was sudden and despite all efforts, it was his time to play on the field in the sky. Scotty was introduced to me a few years ago by Surts, as he was wanting to play in the GM tournaments. Surts, Gys [Namibia] and Scotty were long-time friends from the States – the Free States. Scotty joined the SAGM Alliance and soon joined the Masters team The Sloths. He participated in a number of tournaments with these teams. Scotty attended the World Cup in Newcastle as a member of the Alliance International.

He had said to me for some time that his aim was to participate in a World Cup. Of all the guys I have met, few will ever match his keenness, his thoughtfulness, his unselfish attitude and his generosity. I have never heard a nasty word or comment from Scotty.

Kind regards,

Roy Wilson


We have been informed by his son of the passing of Ted Jones, our Member of Honour. His whole life long he has been involved in hockey, first in Australia and later world wide.

Thanks to the contacts between Ted Jones and Johan Herbert (B) Alliance had been formed in 2002: Ted asked if Johan could bring a Belgian team to the 2002 tournament in Kuala Lumpur. When that resulted in too few players, Ted organised some Australians to take part also and registered the team as Alliance. The rest is history.

Dean Lomax from Australia, who knew Ted, wrote:

TED JONES - Grandfather and Architect of Masters Hockey.

Ted died on Friday 9th September and his legacy is the present state of Masters hockey throughout the world.

Little did Ted know that in 1943, when he held his first hockey stick that his involvement in hockey would continue for more than 60 years. Over and above playing hockey up until the early 80’s Ted has always exhibited a strong desire to develop the sport of hockey at ALL levels - he managed his first representative team (Goulburn) in the NSW State Championships in 1949. From 1949 through to 1978 Ted’s achievements include - NSW State badged umpire, NSW State Secretary, Tournament Director (State and International) and ABC TV hockey Commentator.

Masters 1979-2006. By this time Ted had moved to WA. As WAHA VP (with responsibility for Veterans) he directed the establishment of the inaugural National Championships in Perth in 1980 (6 teams) and the first Veterans International series (Australia v. Malaysia) in 1981. He continued to be at the forefront of the growth in Masters’ hockey for the next 25 Years. Since this time Australian Masters hockey has grown to 9 divisions and nearly 80 teams. Similarly, International Masters has also grown to 9 divisions through PacRim, IMHC and WGMA with approximately 30 affiliated Nations as part of FIH.

Ted has accrued Life Membership at all levels of Masters’ hockey, including State, AMHC, IMHC and WGMA. As National Convenor (AMHC), Team Management, International Tours Organiser, International Tournament Director , Secretary of IMHC and WGMA it is safe to say Ted is one of the Grandfathers and Architects of Masters hockey .

Ted was unable to travel to the two Masters World Cups that were held in Australia earlier this year and his lasting wishes for masters hockey were “Good Hockey and Great Fellowship”.

As a token of our lasting gratitude for his lifetime contribution to hockey, AMHC will name the championship trophy for the inaugural over 75s Australian championship the Ted Jones Memorial Shield.