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Update Tournament Nominations published.
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Updated Tournament Nominations published. Nominations Brasschaat Men O60, O70 and O75 still open


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  Updated Tournament Nominations published.
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  Updated Tournament Nominations published
Eburons tournament cancelled by the organization. The tournament will be held in 2020.

  New Tournament 55+ !! IMHA European Cup, Krefeld, Germany, 8th-17th August 2019, see our page Tournaments and invitation letter Krefeld.pdf
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  Updated Tournament Nominations published. Nominations all Tournaments open!
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It is our intention to participate in the Tilburg tournament with two men’s teams.
  It depends on the age of the nominated players if that will be one O-60 and one O-68 team or two O-68 teams.

New Invitation received: 3rd American Hockey Championship Masters & Grand Masters from 6 -9 december 2018 in Buenos Aires

  Updated list of tournaments published (Eburons tournament Brussels now included)

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Photo album World Cup 2018 Barcelona now added, see our page"Snapshots"
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Updated membership list published


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2016 and Older Messages   


JOHN SCOTT R.I.P. 19.03.1950 – 8.11.2016

Greetings all,

It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you of the passing yesterday of JOHN SCOTT.

Scotty was playing in a hockey match at Riverside in Durban last night, when he appeared to have a heart attack. It was sudden and despite all efforts, it was his time to play on the field in the sky. Scotty was introduced to me a few years ago by Surts, as he was wanting to play in the GM tournaments. Surts, Gys [Namibia] and Scotty were long-time friends from the States – the Free States. Scotty joined the SAGM Alliance and soon joined the Masters team The Sloths. He participated in a number of tournaments with these teams. Scotty attended the World Cup in Newcastle as a member of the Alliance International.

He had said to me for some time that his aim was to participate in a World Cup. Of all the guys I have met, few will ever match his keenness, his thoughtfulness, his unselfish attitude and his generosity. I have never heard a nasty word or comment from Scotty.

Kind regards,

Roy Wilson


The Executive Committee has, after significant deliberations, been able to draw up a procedure for making selections from persons that have nominated themselves for a team to participate in a tournament.

In order to fix a point in time when the procedure should start it needed a cut-off date well in advance of the beginning of the tournament for which the participating team were to be considered. That cut-off date is also given in the tournament calendar.


We have been informed by his son of the passing of Ted Jones, our Member of Honour. His whole life long he has been involved in hockey, first in Australia and later world wide.

Thanks to the contacts between Ted Jones and Johan Herbert (B) Alliance had been formed in 2002: Ted asked if Johan could bring a Belgian team to the 2002 tournament in Kuala Lumpur. When that resulted in too few players, Ted organised some Australians to take part also and registered the team as Alliance. The rest is history.

Dean Lomax from Australia, who knew Ted, wrote:

TED JONES - Grandfather and Architect of Masters Hockey.

Ted died on Friday 9th September and his legacy is the present state of Masters hockey throughout the world.

Little did Ted know that in 1943, when he held his first hockey stick that his involvement in hockey would continue for more than 60 years. Over and above playing hockey up until the early 80’s Ted has always exhibited a strong desire to develop the sport of hockey at ALL levels - he managed his first representative team (Goulburn) in the NSW State Championships in 1949. From 1949 through to 1978 Ted’s achievements include - NSW State badged umpire, NSW State Secretary, Tournament Director (State and International) and ABC TV hockey Commentator.

Masters 1979-2006. By this time Ted had moved to WA. As WAHA VP (with responsibility for Veterans) he directed the establishment of the inaugural National Championships in Perth in 1980 (6 teams) and the first Veterans International series (Australia v. Malaysia) in 1981. He continued to be at the forefront of the growth in Masters’ hockey for the next 25 Years. Since this time Australian Masters hockey has grown to 9 divisions and nearly 80 teams. Similarly, International Masters has also grown to 9 divisions through PacRim, IMHC and WGMA with approximately 30 affiliated Nations as part of FIH.

Ted has accrued Life Membership at all levels of Masters’ hockey, including State, AMHC, IMHC and WGMA. As National Convenor (AMHC), Team Management, International Tours Organiser, International Tournament Director , Secretary of IMHC and WGMA it is safe to say Ted is one of the Grandfathers and Architects of Masters hockey .

Ted was unable to travel to the two Masters World Cups that were held in Australia earlier this year and his lasting wishes for masters hockey were “Good Hockey and Great Fellowship”.

As a token of our lasting gratitude for his lifetime contribution to hockey, AMHC will name the championship trophy for the inaugural over 75s Australian championship the Ted Jones Memorial Shield.