How to become a member 

Simply write an e-mail to the secretary, expressing your wish to become a member. You will receive a reply with the player identity sheet to apply. Complete it and return the sheet with your passport photo to the secretary. You can indicate for which type of membership (see below) you wish to register.

You can also download the preferred format of the player identity sheet by clicking on one of the buttons below. 

Membership and Costs   

To become a member an Entrance Fee of EUR 25.00 is payable into the bank account of Alliance International Hockey Club as a contribution to the cost of running of the club.

There are two types of membership available:

1- Ordinary Membership

Once you have paid the above mentioned Entrance Fee you will become an Ordinary Member of Alliance. You will remain in our membership database until you have notified us that you want to terminate your membership, having settled any unfinished financial affairs. However, if you have not participated in any tournaments with Alliance for three consecutive years, you will be considered to be a Dormant Member. Reactivating membership can be done at any time at no cost.

If you decide to nominate for any tournament and play with Alliance a Tournament Fee of EUR 25.00 will be payable per Tournament and this has to be paid into the club's account before such tournament starts. In addition to this, you have to pay for the participation cost in that tournament, which depends on the registration fee payable to the tournament organisers and differs every time. These participation costs are published in our Tournament Calendar on our website.

2- Life Membership

The Life Membership Fee is EUR 200.00 As soon as you have paid this amount into the club's account, you are considered to be a Member for Life.
The benefit of Life Membership is that you no longer have to pay a Tournament Fee of EUR 25.00, but you will still have to pay the participation cost for tournaments as set by the tournament organisers.
Life Membership will expire only on the death of a member or when a member informs the club's secretary of his/her decision to terminate his/her membership, having settled any unfinished financial affairs.

You can apply at any moment for membership for life. 


All active Members will regularly receive Alliance newsletters by email. 

 For members outside the EURO-zone sometimes, on their request, a special arrangement may be made for their payment, to avoid extremely high banking fees.

     Playing with Alliance International Hockey Club    

Nomination for tournaments

Tournaments will be added to the Tournament List on the website immediately after the invitation has been received by the club and are as of that time open for nomination. Additionally, the club secretary will at the end of a calendar year (or more often if needed) send a newsletter by email with a list of all tournaments for the coming year(s)
A member interested in taking part in one (or more) of the tournaments listed writes an e-mail to the secretary or to his local Alliance-coordinator nominating himself as a potential player for the tournaments he mentions in that e-mail.

Selection of players 
If more than 18 players have nominated themselves for being part of a team in one tournament, then the executive committee of the club will make a selection. FIH-rules state that per team there can be no more than 16 players or 18 players in case of having two goal keepers in the team.
For smaller tournaments the number of players may be restricted to 14-15 dependent on the number and duration of the matches.
Managers, captains
For each tournament there is one person who acts as manager for the teams, each team has a captain. Generally, volunteers fill these functions, but the executive committee has the final decision which person shall be manager and/or captain.

Playing kit 
The colours of Alliance International Hockeyclub are
Shirt: sky blue, Short/skirt: navy blue and Socks: sky blue.

You buy the shirt from the club and wear it when playing for Alliance. We will give you an unique shirt number, which is kept in the club's database, enabling the secretary of the club to inform the organisers of the tournament who is playing with which number. Shorts (dark blue or navyblue) and socks (light blue or sky blue) need to be bought by the player.